Tuesday, March 20, 2012

25 Week Dr's appt

Had my 25 week Dr's appt yesterday. Measured right on for 25/26 weeks, weight gain was good, and my blood pressure was good (102/68). The only problems I've really been having this pregnancy are 1) This baby sits really low and causes extreme pressure on my bladder already and 2) I have had reoccurent UTIs. Actually, I have pretty much had a constant UTI since I got pregnant with this one. It has gotten to the point where my Dr. has just decided to keep me on antibiotics until the end of the pregnancy. Not really crazy about that because the antibiotic she has me on makes me feel kinda crappy. Let's just say I am definitely ready to be done being pregnant (although I know that baby boy isn't ready to come out yet.) I actually have an appt with a urologist next week to discuss my reoccurent kidney stones so hopefully he/she can figure out why I have been having them almost religiously since I was 18. Then in 2 weeks I go in for my diabetes screening test. Pretty sure that'll come back fine. I've never had an issue with diabetes during pregnancy before and I am in way better shape/health than I was with the other two.

On a non-pregnancy related note: Josh is getting ready to start preceptor-which means that he is done with regular classes and now gets to go a facility to work for 200 hours. He will be going to a Good Sam nursing home on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 6am-6:15pm and will be done in 8 weeks.

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